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 README before applying

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README before applying Empty
PostSubject: README before applying   README before applying EmptyTue Aug 19, 2014 4:24 am

Rules before becoming a member :-

-Minimum age 16 years old

-Our official tag is VoB` members will need to wear it all the time INGAME with no exception.

-You must be active on our server.

-When the clan is going to have a clan war against other clan you should participate if possible, while the clan is having clan war try to be a good TEAMSPEAK user and try not to talk too much in chat specially whining and insulting the other clan and also you cant leave the cw without a valid reason.

-You can't join our clan if you are already in one ,you will have to choose one clan.

-You must have mic and TS3.

-You must be able to speak good english

-If you become inactive in our clan for too long without telling us in the InActivity section we will have to kick you out of the clan.

-You must be mature if you are not mature you must act like one.

-You must visit our site for keeping up to date with the community.

We'd like to know a couple of things about you before we consider your application;

- How old are you?

- What is your name?

- Gender?

- Where are you from?

- Ingame name(s)?


- Do you have an original CD-Key?

- How long have you played COD4?

- What other clans have you been in?

- How many hours per week do you play?

- Do you have a microphone?

- Do you have a teamspeak3 ?

- Are you willing to play for VoB` in a clan war?

- What qualities do you have that would make us want you?

All members are requested to give their votes on why a player should, or should not be allowed to join VoB`. Any vote on "no" requires a covering explanation and will be taken into consideration.

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README before applying
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