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 VoB` Clan Rules.

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VoB` Clan Rules. Empty
PostSubject: VoB` Clan Rules.   VoB` Clan Rules. EmptyTue Aug 19, 2014 3:21 am

By connecting to our servers you are agreeing to abide by the following rules.
By Breaking any of the following rules you will be banned.

1. No Cheating (using any illegal cheats)

2. No racism at all towards anyone at ALL.

3. No Advertising on the server. Do not post any other website on screen except this one.

4. No Mic spamming, playing music or whistling over the mic.

5. Do not verbally abuse anyone, especially our members.

6. No Bullying, some people can't take your jokes and could feel threatened or victimized by what your saying. Don't purposely upset any player on the server.

7. No using of noobs perks in our server like  Juggernaut / Last Stand / Martyrdom / RPG-7 x2 only on helicopters , using any of the mentioned perks will get you kicked/banned.

8. Conduct your self in an orderly fashion, this is our server at the end of the day we pay for them we maintain them, we police them. If ANY ONE has a bad attitude on the forums of on the server we will remove them permanently, if we feel you are making the atmosphere on our server bad we have the right to remove you at any time after all if we are paying for the server we can choose who can and can't play on them. If you give us any trouble or problem be prepared to be removed.

By clicking ok when you connect to the server you are agreeing to the rules listed above, if you break the rules you will be banned from the server for 1 min - permanently.

If you cannot comply with the rules do not join the server in the first place it will save you getting banned.
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VoB` Clan Rules.
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